TMD // New York

432 Park Ave

Overlooking Central Park in Manhattan, 432 Park Avenue boasts 104 condominium apartments for wealthy New Yorkers. Its condos offer high ceilings and range from a modest 351 square-foot studio to an expansive $95 million penthouse which includes a library, six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms.

How it works

Tuned Mass Damper

How it Works

432 Park Ave, New York City

01 // The Challenge

Upon its completion, 432 Park Ave. was the third tallest building in the United States and the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere, at 1,396 feet tall.


02 // Environmental Forces

A typically breezy day in New York might have winds up to 16.5 kms an hour. About once a year, a 80+ km-per-hour wind comes up. On a rare day, say once every 50 years, 160 km-per-hour winds might hit the tower. *


03 // Technology

Two TMDs, with a combined weight of 1370 tonnes, were installed at 432 Park Ave. With RWDI's specialized design, A+H created detailed drawings for the project, and welded, machined and assembled the TMDs in their shop to ensure perfect fit and form. The TMDs were then disassembled and shipped by A+H Custom Machine to a holding yard in New York. From there, the TMDs were marshalled out to the site for installation. *

* For more information or questions, please contact our partner Motioneering.

Tuned Mass Dampers in Buildings

Tuned mass dampers, also called harmonic absorbers, are simple yet effective mechanisms that allow us to design and live in skyscrapers. Without them, the lifespan, structural integrity, and comfort of these high rise buildings would be seriously reduced.

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We’re passionate about achieving what might seem impossible through problem solving, engineering, fabricating and machining. With collaboration and innovation, we push through boundaries, we challenge physics and we go beyond what is possible.

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