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Royal Alexandria

This Bridge is a steel truss cantilever bridge spanning the Ottawa River between Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. 1,848 feet long, the bridge carries over 15,000 vehicles, 2000 pedestrians and 1300 cyclists per day. It serves as an important link for commuters and tourists alike.

How it works

Vibration Damper

How it Works

01 // The Challenge

The bridge was constructed over 100 years ago yet it remains a vital part of the interprovincial infrastructure and economy. Keeping the structure sound and capable of withstanding its modern demands along with preserving its historical charm were both paramount to the project.


02 // Environmental Forces

In 2009, the bridge underwent a major rehabilitation in which various structural improvements were made. A+H Custom Machine supplied eight 5 tonne TMDs to stabilize the Royal Alexandra Bridge and help to reduce the vibrations that occur due to the large amount of traffic as well as other environmental factors.


03 // Technology

As part of a team of specialists assigned to the project, A+H Custom Machine provided engineering and design, material strength testing, fabrication and assembly, and commissioning of the TMDs used in this project.

Royal Alexandria Bridge
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Tuned Mass Dampers in Bridges

Wind, waves, movement of the earth, as well as vibrations from usage can cause damage and unwanted shift in bridge structures. Adding a tuned mass damper, can help to prevent damage and also increase the lifespan of spanning structure.

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