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Cambridge Crossing Parcel G

At the intersection of Cambridge, Boston and Somerville is a rising development called Cambridge Crossing. Part of this development is a 14-story, 451,000-square-foot specialized office building.

How it works


Tuned Mass Damper

How it Works

01 // The Challenge

After construction began, a tenant requested that the entire building be modified to mitigate vibration. This request was to accommodate the needs of their specialized and sensitive lab equipment.


02 // Environmental Forces

This building is surrounded by a busy city with high pedestrian movement, heavy wind forces as well as nearby train and traffic vibration. On average, the city of Boston has some of the heaviest winds in the US.


03 // Technology

Due to the late addition of the TMDs in the construction process, and to accommodate the construction schedule, the design, manufacture, and installation of the TMDs needed to be fast tracked. In the end, 166 tuned mass dampers were successfully installed on floors two through twelve.

Cambridge Crossing Parcel G, Massachusetts
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Kara Raymond / Thornton Tomasetti

Tuned Mass Dampers in Buildings

Tuned mass dampers, also called harmonic absorbers, are simple yet effective mechanisms that allow us to design and live in skyscrapers. Without them, the lifespan, structural integrity, and comfort of these high rise buildings would be seriously reduced.


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