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M1, M2, & M3

The M City Condo Complex is in Mississauga, Ontario, and it includes ten planned distinct geometric residential tower developments. The towers are 60 stories each and are part of a master-planned community.

How it works

Tuned Mass Damper

How it Works

m1 m2 m3, Toronto ON

01 // The Challenge

The M complex includes 10 proposed towers all requiring stabilizing slosh dampers. This is also our first installation in Ontario.


02 // Environmental Forces

The wind in this part of the world is the strongest in January, with an average hourly wind speed of 23 kms per hour. *


03 // Technology

Quality control documentation was critical and as such, Ultrasonic Weld Testing was used for every part of this damper. Installation also required temporary bracing during the concrete pour as well as protective wrappings to ensure there was no damage to the dampers during construction. In M1 and M2, 36 316L stainless steel paddles were successfully installed. *

* For more information or questions, please contact our partner Motioneering.

Tuned Mass Dampers in Buildings

Wind, waves, movement of the earth, as well as vibrations from usage can cause damage and unwanted shift in bridge structures. Adding a tuned mass damper, can help to prevent damage and also increase the lifespan of spanning structure.

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